Healthy water life

Supor 360° rotating stainless steel kitchen faucet
  • Stainless steel body

  • 360° rotation

  • Splasher

  • High quality ceramic valve core

  • Hot and cold dual control

  • Drawing process


Food grade stainless steel
Say goodbye to lead

Stainless steel casting faucet, net lead environmental protection, avoid pollution of water quality, safe and secure

More comfortable operation

The spout can be rotated while meeting the water requirements of multiple basin containers

High quality Newber bubbler
Water splash does not splash

Newport splash-proof bubbler, multi-layer filter, softening water, soft touch without splashing
  • Water splash does not splash
  • Softening bubble
  • Strong water output

Kellogg's strong core
Opening and closing without leaking

Keros quality ceramic valve core, tested and tested
Long service life, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance

Hot and cold double control

Cool and heat regulation, water temperature optional, bring a comfortable experience to life,
It’s cold and loves to do housework.

Fine wire drawing process
Anti-rust Lasting as new

Fine surface drawing process
Anti-scratch, anti-oil, not easy to rust

193MM water outlet distance
It is more convenient to take water

Easy to disassemble and fasten the suite Give you a strong sense of security